Who I am as a person
Hi! I’m Aiman Fakia a ui/ux and visual designer with 6 years of experience in visual design coming from a graphic designer’s background and 3 years in ui/ux. I currently work as a ui/ux designer for airbit.com
I specialize in facilitating and improving the quality of complex Interfaces by humanizing the user experience with practical yet creative solutions, reflecting the best possible way to highlight the brand through its products and services.
I accumulated a cutting edge technical knowledge in visual design and user experience since I have been involved in varied projects before with a number of market leading companies  in collaboration with their marketing  and designs teams.
My Mission
To me, design is a problem solving activity. As a designer, I understand that the perfect design not only involves visual aesthetics, but even more importantly, an interface that functions well. This requires a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology - the outcome of which greatly impacts the overall experience of the product, regardless of the platform. 
I personally enjoy working on projects that require both strategy and visual design. I love working on problems from the ideation stage and seeing them through completion through pixel-perfect designs.
I dream to become a domain expert in my field with being able to move among the process from user research to designing to shipping and analyzing results.
The possibilities of where technology can take us and what we could be able to create in the near future is unlimited. It’s a privilege to be part of this amazing world.

I like to design digital products with a vision in mind, hence building digital experiences that are innovative and functional and most importantly, that make a difference, is my mission.